Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War dévoile son trailer de lancement

Attendu dans deux semaines le tout nouveau Call of Duty situé dans la série des Black Ops, nous revient avec une toute nouvelle bande annonce de lancement que voici :

Pour rappe, cet épisode ce déroule durant la guerre froide avec quelques protagonistes connus de la série Black Ops. Les traditionnels modes de jeux solo, multijoueur sont de la partie, avec bien sûr la patte Treyarch et son fameux mode zombies. Le mode Battle Royale, Warzone devrait avoir une mise à jour aussi pour coller un peu plus à l’univers de cet épisode. De plus COD Tracker nous dévoile la liste des succès/trophée qui devrait avoir sur le jeu avec tout les modes concernés (même le mode dead ops va de ses petits achievements). en voici la liste :

Combat RecruitComplete the single-player campaign on any difficulty30
Combat HardenedComplete the single-player Campaign on Veteran or Realism difficulty100
Nowhere Left to RunComplete Nowhere Left to Run in Campaign on any difficulty15
Fracture JawComplete Fracture Jaw in Campaign on any difficulty15
Brick in the WallComplete Brick in the Wall in Campaign on any difficulty15
Redlight, GreenlightComplete Redlight, Greenlight in Campaign on any difficulty15
Echoes of a Cold WarComplete Echoes of a Cold War in Campaign on any difficulty15
Desperate MeasuresComplete Desperate Measures in Campaign on any difficulty15
End of the LineComplete End of the Line in Campaign on any difficulty15
Break on ThroughComplete Break on Through in Campaign on any difficulty15
The Final CountdownComplete The Final Countdown in Campaign on any difficulty15
Ashes to AshesComplete Ashes to Ashes in Campaign on any difficulty15
ChaosComplete Chaos Side Mission in Campaign on any difficulty15
Red CircusComplete Red Circus Side Mission in Campaign on any difficulty15
Firing RangeShoot all of the targets on Main Street during Amerika15
Keep Your Friends ClosePerform Body Shield 5 Times15
Patriot ArrowKill an enemy with the secret weapon while ziplining during Yamantau30
Mind TripSee all 7 memory endings and play through all 4 path ends in Prisoner30
Explosive FinishKill 12 enemies with explosive barrels while riding the server lift during Yamantau15
EVERYONNNNNEE!Kill 25 enemies with the AC-130 during the rooftop defend15
The Red DoorDisobeyed Adler’s order to go through the door15
Jack of All TradesGet 5 kills each with an LMG, SMG, AR, and a Shotgun15
Old FaithfulKilled 200 enemies with an AR15
Scorched EarthDestroy all enemy vehicles and mortar teams while defending Firebase Ripcord15
Scorched Earth IIBlow up all trucks and guard towers on the approach to the monastery30
The FixerGet 200 Eliminations in Multiplayer15
Party PatrolGet 10 squad wipe medals in Fireteam30
Mean MachineGet 100 Kills as the driver, pilot, or passenger of a vehicle in Multiplayer90
Go the DistanceWin 50 matches of Multiplayer30
Calling It InGet 50 kills with lethal Scorestreaks in Multiplayer30
Heavy MetalIn Die Maschine, forge the Pack-A-Punch machine15
Carpe D.I.E.M.In Die Maschine, free the lost Decompressive Isotopic Estrangement Machine15
Seal the DealIn Die Maschine, close the rift30
Two Birds, One StoneIn Die Maschine, kill the two split Megatons with one shot15
Socket-to-meIn Zombies, upgrade a skill15
Six PackIn Zombies, upgrade 6 Perk Skills to Tier III15
Nightmare at 20 feetIn Die Maschine, kill 100 enemies without leaving the top of the crashed plane wing30
EntamaphobiaIn Die Maschine, stay in the Yard for 15 rounds30
CraftworkIn Die Maschine, craft 14 different types of items in one match30
Fowl Five PieceGet a chain of 5 chickens strung together in Dead Ops Arcade15
Survive the WildEscaped from the deep dark Wild15
Reunited with FidolinaDefeated the Momaback and saved your dear friend15
Forever FatedFound your destiny in the Room of Fate15
Dungeon DiverVisit every corner of a Deadly Dungeon30

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War sera disponible le 13 Novembre sur PC, PS4, Xbox One et Xbox Series S/X, et le jour de la sortie de la PS5 le 19 Novembre.

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